Dutch Bros Secret Menu

You pull up to the Dutch Bros drive-thru, ready to order your usual. But today, you’re feeling adventurous. You’ve heard rumors of a Dutch Bros Secret Menu with delicious off-menu items just waiting to be discovered. As you approach the window, you work up the courage to ask about it. The barista smiles and leans in conspiratorially to whisper the hidden treasures. Iced Golden Eagle, Fruity Cereal, and Snickers in a Cup are just a few of the tantalizing options. Your curiosity is piqued. In this article, you’ll uncover the secrets of the Dutch Bros’ hidden menu and find inspiration to order something new and amazing on your next coffee run. With over 400 locations across the West Coast, there’s a world of undiscovered flavors waiting for you at Dutch Bros. It’s time to treat yourself and explore their secret menu gems.

Dutch Bros and Their Famous Dutch Bros Secret Menu

Dutch Bros Coffee is a popular drive-thru coffee chain based in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for their speedy service, fun atmosphere, and an extensive menu with delicious coffee drinks and smoothies. What many customers dont realize is that Dutch Bros also has a “secret menu” with many tasty off-menu items.

Secret Drinks

Some of the most popular secret menu drinks at Dutch Bros include the Annihilator, the Double Rainbro, and the 911. The Annihilator is an ultra-caffeinated drink made with five shots of espresso, chocolate and vanilla syrups, and milk. The Double Rainbro features two types of syrup, two types of milk or creamer, and rainbow sprinkles. For chocolate lovers, the 911 is made with chocolate, vanilla, and caramel syrups mixed into coffee or an espresso drink.

Customize Your Drink

Part of the fun of the Dutch Bros secret menu is customizing your own creation. You can ask for extra shots of espresso, different flavored syrups, whipped cream, caramel or chocolate drizzle, and any type of milk from nondairy to sweet cream. Some customers create cinnamon roll-inspired drinks with cinnamon dolce syrup, vanilla and caramel. The possibilities are endless.

Smoothies and Freezes

In addition to customized coffee drinks, Dutch Bros offers real fruit smoothies, freezes, and rebels. The Mango Tango smoothie features mango, strawberry and banana. The rebel line features creamy blended coffee drinks like the Snickers and Twix rebels. Freezes are like slushies with your choice of lemonade, fruit punch or coffee.

Exploring the Dutch Bros secret menu is a fun adventure. With so many possible combinations of flavors and add-ins, you’re sure to find a new favorite drink. And with friendly staff and speedy service, Dutch Bros makes discovering their secret menu an experience you’ll want to repeat.

Decoding the Dutch Bros Secret Menu: What You Need to Know

Annuity Drinks Galore

Dutch Bros is renowned for their wide range of specialty drinks beyond standard coffee and espresso options. The secret menu features a variety of ‘annuity’ drinks, including the popular 911, Caramelizer and Nutter Butter. To order an annuity drink, simply state the name to your barista. Some are made with a combination of flavored syrups, creamers and toppings to create a one-of-a-kind taste sensation.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Not seeing anything that sparks your interest? Don’t fret. Dutch Bros strongly encourages customization to suit any taste. Their secret menu provides a myriad of ways to craft your perfect drink by combining flavored syrups, creamers, spices and toppings. Some recommendations to get you started include:

  • Add a flavor shot like vanilla, caramel or white chocolate to your coffee or Americano.
  • Ask for a flavored creamer like hazelnut, almond or coconut to be added to your breve or latte.
  • Spice up your drink with a pump of cinnamon, nutmeg or chili.
  • Top it off with caramel, chocolate or butterscotch drizzle for an extra special treat.

The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment by mixing and matching to find your new favorite secret menu creation. The friendly baristas at Dutch Bros are always happy to provide recommendations and suggestions to help in your customization quest.

It’s All About the Experience

Beyond the delectable drinks, Dutch Bros is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience with premium customer service. The upbeat environment and energetic staff aim to make every visit enjoyable and uplifting. So the next time you visit Dutch Bros, make sure to take advantage of the secret menu and customize a delicious drink to your liking. And don’t forget to smile – their goal is to serve you with a smile.

5 Must-Try Secret Menu Drinks at Dutch Bros

Dutch Frost

The Dutch Frost is Dutch Bros’ signature frozen coffee drink. It starts with a chocolatey base of coffee, milk and chocolate syrup, then is blended until frosty and topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. For an extra special treat, order the Snickers Frost or Mocha Frost with flavors of Snickers candy bar or chocolate mocha. These frozen caffeinated confections are perfect for a hot summer day.

Blue Rebel

If you prefer an energy drink over coffee, the Blue Rebel is for you. This secret menu item blends Red Bull Blue Edition, a tropical-flavored energy drink, with lemonade and a hint of blueberry. Refreshing and revitalizing, the Blue Rebel offers an energizing alternative to standard coffee and espresso options.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle, a secret menu Americano, uses two espresso shots to create a robust coffee base, then is enriched with steamed milk and vanilla. The result is a velvety vanilla latte with a strong coffee backbone. For extra decadence, top it off with sweet vanilla drizzle and caramel.

Chai Tea Latte

For a non-coffee option, the Chai Tea Latte is an aromatic blend of black tea, spices like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, and steamed milk. Dutch Bros’ chai concentrate is made in-house from scratch using premium loose-leaf tea and spices. The Chai Tea Latte has a bold, spicy flavor balanced by the subtle sweetness of milk and vanilla. Customize it with soy or almond milk for a non-dairy treat.

Red Bull Italian Soda

An unlikely but delicious combination, the Red Bull Italian Soda blends Red Bull Energy Drink with club soda and your choice of flavored syrup. Orange, raspberry, cherry or peach nectar syrups pair well with the tangy sparkle of club soda and the zing of Red Bull. Fizzy, fruity and full of energy, the Red Bull Italian Soda is a one-of-a-kind drink you won’t find anywhere else.

How to Order From the Dutch Bros Secret Menu Like a Pro

To experience the full range of offerings at Dutch Bros, you must become familiar with their secret menu. This “off-menu” selection features specialty drinks, many with creative names and flavors, that are known only to regular customers and employees. By following these tips, you too can order from the secret menu like an insider.

Do Your Research

The first step is to learn what’s actually on the secret menu. Consult fan-curated lists on Dutch Bros’ social media pages or independent review sites. Some of the most popular secret menu items include the “Annihilator”, a highly caffeinated frozen coffee drink, the “Oreo Dream”, a sweet coffee blend with Oreo cookie crumbles, and the “Dutch Frost”, a blended coffee smoothie. Knowing these options in advance will allow you to confidently order them.

Check for Seasonal Options

Dutch Bros frequently introduces new secret menu drinks for holidays and events. For example, they may offer peppermint or gingerbread flavored coffees during Christmas. Their social media pages announce many of these limited-time options. If you visit around a major holiday, ask your barista what seasonal secret menu drinks may be available.

Describe What You Want

Don’t feel compelled to use the official name of a secret menu item. If there’s a particular flavor, ingredient, or style of drink you’re craving, describe it to your barista. For example, say you’re in the mood for a “cookies and cream iced coffee” or a “orange creamsicle smoothie”. There’s a good chance they can craft something custom using the array of syrups, sauces, and mix-ins at their disposal.

Tip for the “In-the-Know” Treatment

Once you’ve proven your familiarity with the secret menu, your barista may start recommending new secret menu drinks as they’re introduced. To encourage this preferential treatment, be friendly, tip generously, and visit often enough to be recognized as a regular. In no time, you’ll get the true “inside scoop” on the latest off-menu innovations.

Mastering the Dutch Bros secret menu does require some effort, but for serious fans, the reward of gaining access to these specialty drinks is well worth it. Follow these tips and you’ll be ordering like a pro in no time.

 Get Your Questions Answered

What exactly is the Dutch Bros secret menu?

The Dutch Bros secret menu refers to drinks that are not listed on the official menu, but can be ordered by customers who are familiar with the options. These “off-menu” beverages are popular selections that have been favorites for years. By ordering from the secret menu, you gain access to these long-time specialty drinks.

How do I find out about the secret menu options?

The secret menu options are not published by Dutch Bros, so the only way to discover them is through word of mouth or by searching online. Some of the most well-known secret menu drinks include:

  • The Golden Eagle: A sweeter version of an Americano with caramel and vanilla.
  • The 911: Nine espresso shots, 11 pumps of chocolate, and one pump of vanilla in a 20 ounce cup. A highly caffeinated option!
  • The Snickers: A chocolatey coffee drink with caramel, chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

Can I just order any drink I want from the secret menu?

While Dutch Bros baristas aim to please their customers, the secret menu options are not officially recognized by the company. The baristas may not have the ingredients or know-how to make just any concoction you can dream up. It is best to stick to the established secret menu drinks that many customers have enjoyed over the years. Creating your own coffee cocktail could result in a disappointing drink experience.

By familiarizing yourself with some of the popular secret menu options, you can order with confidence and take advantage of these long-held Dutch Bros traditions. But keep in mind that as an unofficial menu, there is always a chance your barista may not be able to make a particular secret menu drink. The standard menu offers plenty of delicious options as well, so you really can’t go wrong either way!

Dutch Bros Secret Menu

You now have the inside scoop on some of Dutch Bros’ secret menu items. While the drinks you just read about are not officially on the menu, baristas are typically happy to make them if you know the recipes. So next time you visit Dutch Bros, don’t be afraid to try ordering one of these hidden treasures. The secret menu allows you to customize your drinks exactly how you like them. And you might just discover a new favorite! With Dutch Bros’ dedication to quality ingredients and customer service, you can rest assured your custom drink will be delicious. So go ahead – be bold and order that honey lavender breve latte or snickerdoodle cold brew. Part of the fun is asking for these “off-menu” items and seeing how the barista responds. You will probably make their day by ordering one of Dutch Bros’ signature secret menu creations. Now that you are armed with the recipes, you can confidently explore the possibilities of the Dutch Bros secret menu on your next coffee run


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