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You’ve likely heard the buzz around Frost Dutch Bros Menu This innovative coffee chain has mastered the art of cold coffee drinks, and their Frost beverages are the perfect addition for summer. Take a refreshing break from the heat this season and dive into the delicious new Frost options from Dutch Bros. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the Frost lineup, highlight the most popular drinks, and help you decide which chilled coffee creation you need to try next. With flavors like matcha, vanilla, and chocolate, Dutch Bros is serving up serious inspiration to satisfy your inner cold brew connoisseur. Beat the heat with Dutch Bros Frost lineup this summer.Dutch Bros Coffee recently launched a new lineup of frosty beverages, aptly named Frosts. These frozen blended coffee drinks are a refreshing addition to their permanent menu.

A Cool Collection of Flavors

The Frost lineup features six flavors to suit any taste. Choices include Caramel Cocoa Frost, Mocha Frost, Vanilla Frost, and White Chocolate Frost for chocolate and coffee lovers. Cookie Dough Frost and Strawberry Frost offer fruity, creamy alternatives. Each 16-ounce Frost is blended to a thick, icy consistency, topped with whipped cream and chocolate or caramel drizzle.

Refreshing and Rejuvenating

These frosty coffee blends are perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day while still enjoying the energy boost of coffee. The mix of coffee, milk or non-dairy milk alternative, and mix-ins like chocolate chips or cookie dough create a rejuvenating treat. The lighter, fruit-flavored options like Strawberry Frost offer hydration and refreshment without the heaviness of a milkshake.

Customizable and Shareable

True to the Dutch Bros way, Frosts are highly customizable. Choose your milk type, select a flavor shot to enhance the flavor, add extra drizzle or whipped cream, or double the amount of mix-ins. Frosts also come in two sizes to share with a friend. Their thickness and richness mean even a small Frost can satisfy.

With six flavor choices, customization options galore, and sizes for sharing, Dutch Bros’ new Frost lineup has something for everyone. Stop by your local Dutch Bros stand this summer and cool down with one of their frosty blended beverages.

Popular Frost Dutch Bros Menu

Cold Brew Freeze

One of Dutch Bros’ most popular frost options is the Cold Brew Freeze. This refreshing beverage combines Dutch Bros’ signature cold brew coffee with milk and ice for a frosty pick-me-up. The cold brew coffee provides a smooth, full-bodied coffee flavor without bitterness, complemented by the creamy milk. For an extra boost, you can request an additional shot of espresso. The Cold Brew Freeze comes in small, medium and large sizes to suit your caffeine needs.

Rebel Freeze

For those looking for a non-coffee frost option, the Rebel Freeze is a great choice. This frost features Dutch Bros’ proprietary energy blend, Rebel, which contains green coffee extract, ginseng, guarana and B vitamins. The Rebel Freeze combines this natural energy blend with fruit puree or juice and ice for a refreshing, lightly carbonated frost with 75 mg of caffeine from natural sources. Popular flavors include Orange Dream, Peach Dream and Raspberry Dream.


Combining coffee, chocolate and ice, the Frostaccino is a coffee lover’s dream in frost form. Espresso, chocolate milk or mocha and ice are blended together to create this delicious chocolately treat. For an extra chocolatey Frostaccino, request chocolate or mocha drizzle on top. Like other Dutch Bros frost drinks, the Frostaccino comes in small, medium and large sizes based on how much of a pick-me-up you need.

In summary, Dutch Bros’ frost menu has something for everyone. From cold brew coffee to energy drinks to chocolatey blends, you can find a frosty beverage to match your tastes and caffeine needs at Dutch Bros. With a variety of sizes, you can get a little boost or a big blast of energy and flavor.

Customizing Your Frost Dutch Bros Menu Order

When ordering a Frost drink from Dutch Bros, you have the opportunity to customize your beverage to your perfect taste. To start, select a frost base from options like coffee, tea, or a juice like orange or cranberry.### Choose Your Flavoring

Next, choose a flavor to mix into your base. Dutch Bros offers both classic and seasonal flavorings to choose from. Classic choices include caramel, hazelnut, vanilla and chocolate. Seasonal flavors vary but may include pumpkin spice, gingerbread or mint chocolate chip. Feel free to combine multiple flavors to create your own unique blend.

Select a Milk or Creamer

To achieve a creamy frosty texture, choose a milk or creamer to blend into your drink. Dairy options include whole milk, 2% milk, almond milk or half and half. For an even richer and thicker frost, select a creamer like sweet cream or coconut milk. The more milk or creamer you add, the froster your drink will become.

Customize the Topping

Finally, top off your custom Frost drink with your choice of topping. Classic options include whipped cream, caramel or chocolate drizzle and cinnamon. Seasonal toppings may include sprinkles, Oreo cookie crumbles or mini marshmallows. For an extra special treat, ask for a flavored drizzle or crumble that complements the flavorings in your drink.

By starting with a base, selecting flavorings and a milk or creamer and finishing with a delicious topping, you can create a customized Frost drink from Dutch Bros tailored exactly to your tastes. Experiment by trying different combinations to find your perfect frosty beverage. The options for customization are nearly endless.

When to Enjoy a Frost Beverage

As the warm summer months approach, Dutch Bros’ Frost lineup provides a refreshing way to cool down and beat the heat. The Frost menu features a variety of iced and blended coffee drinks, smoothies and freezes that are perfect for sipping on a warm day.

Iced and Blended Coffees

For those looking to satisfy their caffeine craving in the summer, Dutch Bros’ iced and blended coffees such as the Blended Caramelicious and Blended Mocha are ideal choices. Made with high-quality coffee, milk and flavoring, these frosty beverages provide an invigorating boost of energy to combat the summer doldrums. The cold temperature and creamy texture make these coffees easy to enjoy even on the hottest days.

Smoothies and Freezes

Dutch Bros also offers a selection of smoothies and freezes for those seeking a lighter, non-coffee option. Smoothies like the Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie and Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie provide nutritional benefits in a sweet, icy blend of fruit and yogurt or milk. Freezes such as the Lemonade Freeze and Arnold Palmer Freeze combine tea, lemonade and fruit puree for a tart, thirst-quenching treat. These options offer hydration and natural energy without the caffeine.

A Sweet Escape

In addition to caffeinated and non-caffeinated choices, Dutch Bros’ Frost menu includes indulgent options for those craving something sweet. Beverages such as the Blended Strawberry Lemonade, Blended Crème Freeze and Blended Chocolate Milkshake satisfy your sweet tooth with a blend of creamy dairy, fruit and chocolate. Although higher in sugar, these decadent Frost menu items can be enjoyed as an occasional treat on the hottest summer days when only something cold and sweet will do.

With choices to suit any taste or craving, Dutch Bros’ Frost beverages provide the perfect refreshment for summer. Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, a sweet escape or a lighter option to hydrate, the Frost menu has something to satisfy. On sweltering days, a cold Frost beverage from Dutch Bros is the ideal remedy to beat the heat.

What are Frosts?

Frosts are Dutch Bros’ lineup of frozen coffee and tea beverages. Frosts feature blended coffee, tea and flavorings over ice for a refreshing icy treat. The Frost menu currently features six coffee options and two tea options to choose from.

What coffee options are available?

The six coffee Frost options include:

  • Caramel Frost: A blend of coffee, caramel and cream over ice.
  • Chocolate Frost: A chocolatey blend of coffee, chocolate and cream over ice.
  • Coconut Frost: A tropical blend of coffee, coconut and cream over ice.
  • Hazelnut Frost: A nutty blend of coffee, hazelnut and cream over ice.
  • Mocha Frost: A chocolatey blend of coffee, chocolate, mocha and cream over ice.
  • Vanilla Frost: A classic blend of coffee, vanilla and cream over ice.

What tea options are available?

For a caffeine-free option, Dutch Bros also offers two tea-based Frosts:

  • Raspberry Frost: A blend of raspberry tea, raspberry puree and cream over ice.
  • Peach Frost: A blend of peach tea, peach puree and cream over ice.

How much do Frost Dutch Bros Menu cost?

Frost prices range from $3.75 to $4.75 depending on the location. Frosts are a great way to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

Anything else I should know?

Some additional tips for enjoying your Frost:

  • Frosts contain coffee and tea, so they do contain caffeine. • Frosts are meant to be consumed immediately for the best icy texture. • You can customize your Frost by adding flavor shots, whipped cream or Dutch Bros’ soft top. • Frosts are available all day, every day at Dutch Bros locations.

With a variety of coffee and tea options and affordable prices, Dutch Bros’ Frost lineup is sure to satisfy your thirst for a refreshing summer treat. Stop by your local Dutch Bros stand today to cool down with a Frost.

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