Secret Dutch Bros Menu

As a Dutch Bros fan, you know their menu offers a wide array of delicious coffee drinks to satisfy your cravings. But did you know that Dutch Bros baristas can also whip up Secret Dutch Bros Menu customized beverages if you know how to order them? In this article, you’ll discover some of the secret, off-menu Dutch Bros drinks that will take your coffee experience to the next level. With creative combinations of syrups, sauces, and toppings, you can craft specialty beverages that will delight your taste buds. So next time you visit Dutch Bros, don’t be afraid to ask your barista to surprise you with one of their secret concoctions. You may just discover a new favorite drink to spice up your usual coffee routine.

The Origins of the Secret Dutch Bros Menu

Keeping Things Interesting

Dutch Bros built its empire on a foundation of fun, quality drinks, and loyal customers. To keep things exciting for their fans, Dutch Bros began experimenting with custom coffee and energy drink recipes behind the scenes. These secret concoctions were originally only shared with regular customers as a way to surprise and delight them.

Word of Mouth Success

As happy customers raved to their friends about these mysterious off-menu creations, interest started to build. Secret Dutch Bros Menu baristas found themselves making more and more of these secret drinks. The company realized they had struck gold with these covert menu items and decided to slowly roll some of the most popular ones out to all their locations.

A Sense of Discovery

Part of the appeal of theSecret Dutch Bros Menu is the sense of being in the know. Customers feel like they’ve discovered something special that not everyone is aware of. This feeling of exploration and finding hidden gems keeps people engaged and coming back to try the latest clandestine coffee treat.

Constant Experimentation

Dutch Bros has a culture of constant innovation and pushing the envelope of what’s possible with coffee and energy drinks. Baristas are encouraged to experiment with flavor profiles and share successful results with their coworkers. The most sought-after of these invented drinks will eventually make their way to the secret menu, delighting customers with their novelty and taste.

The secret menu represents the playful, innovative spirit at the heart of Dutch Bros. By fostering experimentation and a sense of discovery, they’ve built a devoted fan base and staying power that sustains their success and growth. The secret menu may not remain secret for long, but Dutch Bros will always keep customers guessing with their next big thing.

How to Order Off the Secret Dutch Bros Menu

To access Dutch Bros’ secret menu, you first need to know the right way to order.

Know the Lingo

Dutch Bros has its own special lingo for custom drinks that regular customers know well. Some key terms to be familiar with are:

  • Double-double: Two shots of espresso and two pumps of flavoring. Great for an extra kick of caffeine!
  • Quad: Four shots of espresso for a major energy boost.
  • X-treme or XXX: Six shots of espresso. Only for the truly hardcore coffee fans.
  • Animal style: Additions like chocolate, caramel, or mocha drizzle inside the cup.
  • Neapolitan: A combination of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel flavors.

Be Adventurous

Don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors or come up with your own custom combination. Dutch Bros baristas are experts at crafting unique drinks to customer specifications. Some off-menu suggestions to try include:

  • Chocolate banana: Chocolate and banana puree with milk or creamer over ice.
  • Cookies and cream: Crushed Oreos or chocolate cookies blended with vanilla and cream.
  • Peanut butter mocha: Peanut butter, chocolate, and coffee blended together for a peanutty frozen coffee treat.
  • Pumpkin spice chai: Pumpkin, chai spices, and milk or creamer steamer. Perfect for fall!

Don’t Forget the Toppings

Dutch Bros offers lots of ways to customize your drink with extra drizzles, sprinkles, caramel and chocolate. Some toppings to request include:

  • Chocolate or caramel drizzle: Extra stripes of hot fudge or melted caramel inside the cup.
  • Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles: For some whimsical fun and extra sugar!
  • Whipped cream: Light, fluffy whipped cream on top of any iced or frozen drink.
  • Caramel sauce: Melted caramel for dipping or drizzling.

With some adventurous spirit and knowledge of Dutch Bros’ special drink lingo and topping options, you’ll be sipping on secret menu creations in no time! Let your imagination run wild and enjoy crafting your perfect custom coffee.

5 Must-Try Secret Menu Items at Dutch Bros

Coffee connoisseurs know that Dutch Bros is more than meets the eye. Beyond their extensive menu of espresso drinks, smoothies, and signature coffee blends lies a secret menu brimming with off-menu specialties. For the adventurous coffee lover, here are five must-try secret menu items to discover at your local Dutch Bros stand.

Dirty Horchata

This creamy treat combines Dutch Bros’ signature horchata—a sweet, cinnamon-infused rice milk beverage—with a double shot of espresso for a pick-me-up with a kick. The horchata’s spices blend sublimely with the rich espresso for a cozy, comforting drink perfect for a chilly day.


Indulge your sweet tooth with this caramel-filled coffee creation. Dutch Bros’ popular Annhialator drink—a chocolate and caramel blend—is combined with a caramel Frappé for a frosty, fragrant treat oozing with buttery caramel in each sip. Top it off with extra caramel drizzle for a sticky-sweet finish.

Peanut Butter Perfection

Peanut butter lovers, this drink is for you. Dutch Bros’ Peanut Butter Perfection blends their signature chocolate-infused Cocomotion drink with peanut butter for a malty, nutty treat reminiscent of a peanut butter cup. The richness of the chocolate pairs perfectly with the salty-sweet peanut butter for an indulgence you won’t soon forget.

Strawberry Lemonade Rebel

For a lighter option, try the Strawberry Lemonade Rebel. Tart lemonade is blended with Dutch Bros’ signature strawberry purée and Red Bull for an energizing refreshment bursting with the vibrant flavors of strawberry and lemon. The Red Bull gives it a kick of caffeine for the perfect pick-me-up on a sunny day.

PB&J Smoothie

Take a stroll down memory lane with Dutch Bros’ PB&J Smoothie. This whimsical drink blends peanut butter, blueberries, banana, milk and honey for a smoothie reminiscent of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich from your childhood. Nostalgic, nutritious and delicious, this secret menu treat is not to be missed.

Customizing Your Own Secret Dutch Bros Drinks

To truly experience the secret menu at Dutch Bros, consider crafting your own custom drink. With a variety of options to choose from, you can create a specialty beverage tailored to your unique tastes.

Choosing a Coffee Base

Select between a classic drip coffee, cold brew coffee, or a frozen coffee base. The drip coffee provides a straightforward yet full-bodied flavor. The cold brew coffee produces a smooth, naturally sweet taste due to the long steeping process. Finally, the frozen coffee base results in a frosty, refreshing drink.

Adding Flavorings

Next, determine if you want to add flavorings like vanilla, caramel, or chocolate to enhance the flavor of your coffee base. Dutch Bros offers sugar-free and dairy-free alternatives as well, such as almond or coconut milk and natural sweeteners like honey or stevia. Customize the amount to your desired sweetness.

Choosing a Milk

For a creamier drink, choose between whole milk, 2%, non-dairy milk or a milk alternative like almond or oat milk. The milk you select depends on your personal preferences and any dietary needs. Whole milk provides a thicker, richer consistency while non-dairy options create a lighter, frothier feel.


Finally, top off your custom creation with extras such as whipped cream, caramel or chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, cinnamon or nutmeg. Dutch Bros also offers seasonal specialties like pumpkin spice, gingerbread or eggnog flavoring and toppings that you can request to make your drink even more one-of-a-kind.

With endless possibilities to combine flavors, milk, coffee bases and toppings, Dutch Bros secret menu allows you to craft a signature drink as unique as you are. Experiment by trying different options to find your perfect combination for an extraordinary coffee experience. Let your creativity flow and enjoy customizing a specialty beverage that satisfies your craving.

FAQs About the Secret Dutch Bros Menu

What are the most popular Secret Dutch Bros Menu in drinks?

Some of the most well-known secret menu drinks at Dutch Bros include the Ferris Wheel, Double Rainbow, and Golden Eagle. The Ferris Wheel is a blend of coffee, chocolate, caramel and hazelnut while the Double Rainbow features a colorful mix of strawberry and blueberry flavors. For coffee purists, the Golden Eagle combines a robust dark roast coffee with a touch of cream and brown sugar. These secret menu drinks have gained a cult following among Dutch Bros regular customers.

How do I order from the secret menu?

To order from the Dutch Bros secret menu, you simply need to ask your barista directly for the drink by name. The secret menu is not posted visibly in stores or on the official Dutch Bros website and app. The baristas are trained to make popular secret menu drinks when a customer requests them by name. Some locations may have their own unique secret menu drinks as well, so don’t hesitate to ask your barista what other specialty drinks they offer.

Are there any secret food menu items too?

In addition to their popular secret drink menu, some Dutch Bros locations also offer a few secret food items. For example, some stores offer homemade marshmallows to top off drinks, fresh baked cookies like snickerdoodles or chocolate chips, or Rice Krispies treats. However, the availability of these secret food items can vary between locations. Your best bet is to check with your local Dutch Bros to see if they offer any specialty food items in addition to their standard menu.

How often does the secret menu change?

The options on the Dutch Bros secret menu are frequently changing and evolving based on the creativity of baristas and customer feedback. New secret menu drinks are often tested at select locations before being added to the menu company-wide. The secret menu gives baristas an opportunity to experiment with new flavor combinations and allows customers to discover new favorites. So each time you visit Dutch Bros, there may be an exciting new secret menu drink to try!

You have now seen some of the most creative secret drinks that Dutch Bros has to offer. While the classics like caramel macchiatos and white chocolate mochas are delicious, don’t be afraid to try something new next time you visit your local Dutch Bros. The baristas are always happy to mix up a custom drink to your liking. Just tell them what flavors you enjoy, and let their expertise and creativity shine through. With so many possible combinations, you could get a different drink every day for weeks and still not exhaust all the options. So go ahead – ask for that honey lavender breve or salted caramel cold brew. Part of the fun of Dutch Bros is tailoring your drink order to your own unique tastes. Don’t miss out on these secret menu gems.

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